Tips To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In The Office

How Do You Know If You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you often experience numbness

or tingling feelings in the hand and/or arm area? 

Carpal tunnel is caused by a compressed nerved in the carpal tunnel (as seen in picture). This is a narrow passage on the palm side of your wrist. carpal tunnel syndrome

Being at your desk, using your keyboard or mouse while not to be considered strenuous activity can be a cause to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). 

Proper treatment, including directly treating and indirectly treating CTS will relieve and restore your hands and wrist from the tingling and numbness. 


Tips To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome From Working At Your Desk
carpal tunnel treatment

  • The way you sit at your desk
    Sit with your head and torso aligned vertically. Adjust your chair and/or keyboard so your hands are below your elbows, but still keeping your shoulders relaxed. 
  • Using your keyboard properly
    Raise your hands up, but still below you elbow level.
    Back of your wrists should be flat or slightly bent
    Don’t rest your arms on your chair’s arm rest.
  • Using your mouse properly
    Hand still below of elbow level.
    No pressure on your wrist when placing your hand on your mouse.

    Light pressure on your mid palm when using your mouse.
  • Listen to your body and take breaks when needed
    Constantly take breaks from using your keyboard and mouse.
    Key your hands warm, working in a cold environment can cause hand pain and stiffness.
    Stand up and stretch often to avoid fatiguing your hands and wrists.


Do These Following Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises…

carpal tunnel syndrome exercises


Helpful Tools To Avoid Or Eradicate Carpal Tunnel…

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